Low Noise Power Supply

  • $96.00

This is an 'old school' series voltage regulated power supply.  Over the years series regulated power supplies have proven to be stable, very low noise and reliable when used to power audio gear.  We can supply this configured as +/-15 volts at 250 mA or +/-17 volts at 250 mA. The op amps as voltage comparator is the NE5534. The pass devices are BD139/140 in a darlington configuration. 

This power supply when compared to others built with modern voltage regulators such as the 7815/7915 and 317/337 devices offers up less noise and an improved suppression of high frequency garbage imposed on the rails.

The power supply overall measures 63.5mm x 177.5mm ( 2.5 x 7 inches ) and was purposely designed to fit comfortably inside a 1U enclosure.

The power supply as shown is for 120 volt mains.  However a version for 230 volt mains is available upon request.  Email for more information.