MOX Discrete OpAmp NEC uP686

MOX Discrete OpAmp NEC uP686

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The MOX Discrete OpAmp is a 'tried and true' simple discrete single-ended Class A gain stage. It was designed to be operated at low gain and feedback levels with high performance and stability. The input stage is a matched pair of low noise N chnanel JFET devices. In the KAD version of this classic circuit, that matched input pair is a NOS (New Old Stock) matched FET pair. The matched FET pair drives a PNP bipolar gain transistor which is also a level-shifter. Both gain stages are driver by NPN bipolar current sources which are in turn regulated by an NPN bipolar voltage reference taking feedback from the first current source.

The distortion and noise imposed on a signal running through this circuit is very low, typically being under 0.05% at +/-15 to 18 volts. Signal bandwidth is flat from DC to beyond 100 KHz.

The MOX Discrete OpAmp is packaged in the Pro legacy 2520 pinned format and can be installed into legacy hardware.

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